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The Complete Guide to Starting a Target Optical Sublease as an Optometrist

As a new optometrist, you have to decide which way of practicing will be the best fit for you. Practicing at Target Optical should be one path to consider.

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Corporate Optometry: Be Employed, Practice Independently, Own a Franchise. Which is Right for You?

Corporate Optometry: Be Employed, Practice Independently, Own a Franchise. Which is Right for You?

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The Complete Guide to Starting a LensCrafters Sublease

Here is everything you need to know to start, or enter into a LensCrafters sublease.

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6 Things You Didn't Realize About LensCrafters Subleases

This is a live webinar with LensCrafters Sublease holder, Regina Tran, OD. Listen and watch her story of success in this webinar!

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Opening My Independent Optometry Practice at Target Optical

In this video interview, Anna Lam, OD talks about her experience opening her independent practice at Target Optical.

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2 Target Optical Sublease Optometrists Spill it All on YouTube

2 Target Optical Sublease Optometrists Spill it All on YouTube

We sat down for a live webinar with Anna Lam, OD (Oxnard, CA) and Chun AuYeung, OD (Wheaton, MD). Both are Target Optical sublease holders.

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lenscrafters optometrist jobs

How To Start A LensCrafters Independent Practice (infographic download)

Follow these 8 steps to start your LensCrafters independent practice!

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Journey To Pearle Vision Franchise Owner

Journey to Pearle Vision Franchise Owner

Dr. Sarah Krietlow shares her journey to Pearle Vision franchise owner and why this was the perfect career option for her. Learn what a franchise opportunity entails!

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corporate optometry and paying off optometry student loans

Corporate Optometry and Paying Off Optometry Student Loans

These 8 charts and graphs on optometry student loans and average salary by practice modality might help explain why an increasing number of new graduate ODs are choosing corporate optometry!

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4 reasons to take advantage of optometry resident moonlighting opportunities

4 Reasons to Take Advantage of Optometry Resident Moonlighting Opportunities

Moonlighting can be a great way to earn extra cash, gain experience, and learn valuable business lessons. Here are 4 reasons to consider moonlighting opportunities.

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what's being a luxottica independent optometrist practice owner like

What’s Being a Luxottica Independent Optometrist Practice Owner Like?

Learn what it is like to be an independent practice owner with Luxottica as these 4 ODs share their experiences.

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Hear from our friends who work with Luxottica!πŸ‘‡πŸŽ₯ 

My overall experience as a subleasing doctor with Luxottica’s Target Optical have been wonderful.
Not only has it showed me a glimpse of what a private practice ownership is like, it also allowed me to take control of my career by practicing optometry the way I want to practice.
I have no pressure to meet optical sale’s quota. If I choose to see more patients, I get paid more because I am the business owner.
With such low overhead costs, the potential to make a good income is high without the headaches of running the optical side.
Though being a small business owner can be stressful at times, the rewards and benefits definitely outweighs the negatives and the little risks.
Chun AuYeung , O.D.
Wheaton, MD  | Target Sublease Holder
I was working at Costco after optometry school about four days a week, and I was starting to feel burnt out. Seeing 16-22 patients a day can do that to you! Five minutes may seem short, but it is a luxury when working in a high-volume office. That is one of the main reasons why I sought after a Target sublease because I wanted the freedom to practice at my own pace and give my patients the undivided time they deserve.
Having a Target Sublease has been incredible because there is so much support around you from the store team leader to your optical team leader to your optical team member. Everyone has the same goal and is there to support each other. It is also a humbling experience when your patients think the world of your care and start telling everyone they know. There is much career satisfaction in seeing your hard work blossom as your very own business starts to grow.

Anna Lam, O.D.
Oxnard, CA | Target Sublease Holder

As an optometrist who has been practicing for over 10 years, my career at Pearle Vision has been the highlight of my professional work. I have had the opportunity to run my own practice, to treat patients with quality care, and to be able to volunteer my time to help those in less fortunate areas to get needed eye care and new glasses.  
A number of years ago, Pearle decided to align its core values with giving patients quality eyecare in a local neighborhood setting. It de-emphasized many of the prevalent messages competitors were touting, such as a free eye exam, or eye wear for a very low cost.  
I think that having its core values aligned with how I believe in practicing has been instrumental in the quality and satisfaction in my work. I view my work with Pearle as not just a job, but as a calling and as a profession. There is no other brand that advocates for its doctors more than Pearle Vision. 

Eric Bella OD | Pearle Vision
Newmarket, ON 

I have been a LensCrafters subleasing doctor for about four years.
It's been incredibly rewarding to be able to immerse myself in a position that allows me to focus on implementing quality patient care by my own standards, as well as be able to rapidly develop my business acumen.
Having an affiliation with LensCrafters enables me to spend a lot less time and money in starting or marketing my practice, and instead invest that time and money into growing my practice.
It also helps that the fundamental vision for our businesses isin alignment--to deliver quality and personalized eye care with advanced technology.

I have seen LensCrafters incorporate several initiatives over the years to provide doctors with various tools and opportunities to build their business, and more importantly, increase patient awareness of the importance of eye exams.
Regina Tran O.D.
Orlando, FL | Lenscrafters Sublease Holder
My experience as a sublease doctor for Pearle Vision has been great. It is hard to believe how much I have learned and grown over the past seven years.
The main benefit for working with Pearle Vision is that you get to use new technology and nice equipment without the overhead cost. I am able to set my own fees and take additional insurances that help grow my practice. You can even add your own features to increase revenue like EHR, Optomap and/or OCT.
The Pearle Vision staff is always great at assisting my front desk with phone calls and checking in patients. We all work very well together to maintain an efficient quality experience for every patient that walks in the door.
Pearle Vision provides support and tools for the doctors to help create a great practice. It's nice to be able to offer that private practice setting in a corporate environment.
It is great to be able to balance your personal life and work, leaving plenty of time for doing the things you love, which for me is traveling.

Mai X. Nguyen, OD  |  Pearle Vision
Issaquah, Washington

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